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Tabletop Role Playing Games

Eryn has been running Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs for five years in many, many settings! She considers it a form of storytelling and worldbuilding. Her game master style is to prioritize the fun of any group of players while providing a safe and immersive experience. She role plays NPC reactions and incorporates as much backstory as possible from the players. Eryn's rules methodology for any table top game is to follow the rules until they get in the way of a good time. And, she's always looking to play more!

If you're interested in having Eryn run a game, don't hesitate to reach out.

Writopia Lab Game Leader

RunningDungeons & Dragons, Avatar Legends, Esper Genesis, and more for kids ages 8 to 18 at varying levels of experience. Games happen on a weekly basis during the school year.

Wricampia RPG Instructor

Running ttrpgs at a sleepaway camp for kids ages 8 to 18. Games happen daily during the game and feature a variety of themes, including dungeon crawls, social/political intrigues, and general chaos games.

StartPlaying GM

Games for adults online using StartPlaying, a website where you can book a GM to play intro to DnD games, Level 20 DnD games, and much more. Useful to connect with new players.

Actual Play Performance

Eryn was host of a ttrpg gaming show for three years called Game Play Radio, with a new guest and a new game almost every week.

So Many Games!

TTRPGs aren't limited to just Dungeons & Dragons. In reality, there are hundreds of different games and ways to play. Eryn has learned and run games with MANY different systems. Here is a list of games Eryn has experience running for players:

Dungeons & Dragons  Avatar Legends  Bluebeard's Bride  The Good Society  Kids on Brooms  Honey Heist  Fate Core System  Mothership  The Witch Is Dead  MonsterHearts  Thirsty Sword Lesbians  For The Honor  The Sealed Library  Loopy Lore  Spoken Magic  Stand Up  We Used to Be Friends  Mall Kids  Standoff  Final Lap  Mythic Mortals  Ships that Pass  Dead Friend  Operation Penguin  Sleepaway  For the Dungeon!  Visigoths vs Mall Goths  Esper Genesis 




"Eryn is a great GM! My favorite part of her GM'ing style is how willing she is to roll with the punches. No player idea is too stupid or ludicrous; she wholeheartedly invites her players to bring their wildest concepts and roleplay to the maximum. A real "yes-and"-er, she understands how to make players feel welcome and safe to try new things. "
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