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Production & Podcasting

Eryn has four years of production experience, including radio broadcasting, podcasting, record engineering, livestream production, mixing, and mastering. Below are clients and independent creative projects.

Logo with black background and red letters reading Full Tilt
Logo of a white woman with curly red hair smirking to camera. White text on top reads Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit
Beige logo with different illustrations of mugs and drinking glasses. Text on the bottom reads Pour Into My Cup
Logo illustration of two people making out on the New York City subway with a woman in front making a judging face. A thought bubble from the judgmental woman reads Awkward Sex And The City
Logo of black and burnt orange words saying Gotham Production Studios with radio waves on either side
Logo of a grey green letter S and letter M connected to each other on a white background, with text underneath reading Siero Media

Freelance Podcast Production

Cleaning, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering recorded audio provided by clients to meet their deadlines AND pre-production organization support on request

A six-sided dice sits on a bright green background with soundwaves echoing out from it. In front, dark green text reads Game Play Radio

Podcast/Radio Broadcast: Game Play Radio

00:00 / 06:04

Producer, Co-host, Recording Engineer, Editor, Guest Researcher, and Story Planner
A storytelling game radio show featuring a new guest and a new game every week. The show has been broadcast on Radio Free Brooklyn and hit their leaderboards over fifteen times in the three years of its first run. There are 135 episodes to date.

Listen to full Episodes Here:

Spotify, Apple PodcastsPodcast AddictListen NotesRadio Free Brooklyn

A pink 20-sided dice bounces across a black background, while white text reads Rainbow Roll Fest, proceeds supporting Mermaids

Livestream Production: Rainbow Roll Fest

Audio/Visual Tech [using OBS and VDO Ninja] and Host
A charity event on Twitch featuring LGBTQIA+ led storytelling podcasts and raising money for Mermaids, a UK-based organization that supports trans people, their famili
es, and the legislators who fight to protect them.

Stream Archives/Clips:

Streamed A/V Work 

Hosting, On Rules-Heavy vs Rules-Light Games
Hosting, On Queer Gaming

Hosting, On Necromantic Plants

Black and red text reads Radio Free Brooklyn on a white background

Live Radio Broadcasting: Radio Free Brooklyn

00:00 / 50:07

Broadcast Engineer / Host

Radio Free Brooklyn is a non-profit internet radio station that promotes local and lesser-heard voices in an accessible studio. Broadcasts were conducted in a small studio with a mix board, mics, and a rack of effect equipament.

Green and white text reads Girls Run These Worlds: Women owned women run women uplifted, on a black background

Livestream Production: Girls Run These Worlds

Audio/Visual Tech [using OBS, VDO Ninja, and Zoom]
An award-winning organization that facilitates storytelling game performances performed only by women and nonbinary storytellers. They stream through Twitch using remote setups for all performers.

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